Beyond Labels: Discovering The Most Important Person On Your Team

Transition. It’s a word loaded with potential: new beginnings, exciting possibilities, daunting unknowns. But for Neurodivergent individuals, navigating the transition to adulthood can feel like navigating a minefield. Labels often get thrown around, creating a box around personal identity and achievement. But at Parallel, we believe there’s a missing piece in most transition plans: understanding who the individual truly is, beyond the labels.

The Problem with Predefined Identities

Neurodivergent individuals often face the burden of external definitions. Society, educators, even family members might paint a picture based on diagnoses, behaviors, or expectations. This “predefined identity” can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, limiting potential and fueling frustration.

Our Approach: Discovering The Individual

Our transition plans start with a crucial first step: self-discovery. We believe people are experts on themselves. Instead of relying on external labels, we begin the journey by guiding our clients (we call them Travelers) through a process of self-exploration to identify just who they are through the lens of The RoadMap Lab’s Five Life Dimensions:

Self: What makes you unique? What excites you? What are you naturally good at?

Uncovering these intrinsic drivers paves the way for finding fulfilling goals and pathways.

Education: What type of learner are you? Are you excited about discovering new things?

Understanding how you acquire knowledge and what you like to learn about helps  adapt educational experiences.

Living: What does the ideal home life look like? Where do you want to live and with whom?

Knowing someone’s preferred living arrangements allows for tailored support systems and resources to foster independence.

Work: What skills do you have? What vocational activities do you like to do? What is your dream job?

Combining acquired skills, vocational ability, and the power to choose increases workforce purpose and dignity.

Community: Where do you feel like you belong? What extracurricular interests do you have?

Whether it’s a geographic community, or a community of shared interests, we all need a place to safely belong.

Why This Matters

This self-discovery journey isn’t just about ticking boxes on a checklist. It’s about reclaiming your narrative and building a transition plan that reflects the unique person you are. This leads to ownership and motivation, reduced frustration and anxiety, empowerment and confident, and most importantly, sustainable success.

It’s More Than Just “Transition Planning”

We don’t see ourselves as simply providing transition plans; we’re facilitators of self-discovery. We empower people to shed predefined labels and step into the driver’s seat of their own journey. By understanding the who behind the what, we can work together to create a transition to adulthood that is not just smooth, but fulfilling and empowering.

What’s Next?

Now that we’ve defined who is taking the journey, we’ll delve into the values of The Traveler and of their Support System. If you have The RoadMap Lab™, this is Step Two. If not, don’t worry, you can download a copy on Amazon or order the complete workbook and plan along with us.

Take The Next Step On Your Journey With Parallel

The journey to self-discovery starts here, and we’re excited to be a part of it, wherever you’re going. If you’re a parent ready to help your child take the next step, we would love to hear from you. Our passion is to create personal, human-centered, customized transition plans, one individual at a time. Together, let’s craft a future your child will love.

Parallel International Consulting is an expert Neurodiversity consulting group that works to create strategic plans for the future for invested families seeking to transition their Neurodivergent child to an adulthood of independence, purpose, and dignity. We are based in the United States and work with individuals all over the world. To find out more about how you can start the journey with us, visit, purchase The RoadMap Lab, or email us at

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