Beyond Labels: Discovering The Most Important Person On Your Team

By Parallel | February 9, 2024

Transition. It’s a word loaded with potential: new beginnings, exciting possibilities, daunting unknowns. But for Neurodivergent individuals, navigating the transition to adulthood can feel like navigating a minefield. Labels often get thrown around, creating a box around personal identity and achievement. But at Parallel, we believe there’s a missing piece in most transition plans: understanding…

Love Your Journey

By Parallel | January 29, 2024

The last several weeks, we have been touching on the facets of our transition planning process described in our book, The RoadMap Lab™. We have talked about why focusing on work alone isn’t enough. We have discussed why planning for a whole future is important and the many reasons you may need a plan with…

Navigating the Rapids: Five Life Dimensions That Will Simplify Your Neurodivergent Child’s Transition Journey

By Parallel | January 17, 2024

As your neurodivergent child navigates the exciting yet turbulent waters of high school and early college, the future can feel like a vast, uncharted ocean. Transition planning for neurodivergent individuals requires a compass, a sturdy raft, and most importantly, a clear map. But amidst the whirlwind of resources, options, and anxieties, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds of overwhelming details. It’s time to take a deep breath and remember – sometimes, simplicity is the best lifeboat.

New Year, New Plan: A Strategic Approach to Future Planning for Success

By Parallel | January 11, 2024

As we enthusiastically welcome the dawn of a new year, Parallel extends a heartfelt thank you for the support that has fueled our journey thus far. The turn of the calendar marks a time for reflection and renewed commitment to growth, particularly in the realm of Future Planning. Join us as we embark on this…

Is it Possible to Scale Customized Solutions?

By Parallel | December 13, 2023

A client came to us with an idea of large-scale customization, and asked us, could it be done? Could the method we utilize at Parallel be multiplied and implemented in a big organization focused on volume or is it impossible to scale a deeply human process? After some conversation and careful consideration of the various…

Building Bridges: Future Planning with Parallel

By Parallel | December 6, 2023

At Parallel, we understand the profound challenges faced by young adults with autism and other neurodiversities during their transition from secondary education to adulthood. The current methods often lead to unemployment, underemployment, and a sense of disconnect within the community. The repercussions extend beyond the individual, affecting their support systems and contributing to feelings of…

Why Work Isn’t Enough

By Parallel | November 29, 2023

It happens almost every time we meet with a prospective client, often parents. They present one of two things: the desire for their adolescent or adult child to obtain gainful employment, or receipts of employment experiences. They chronicle the sometimes-exhaustive preparations made for employment such as specific skill development, professional resume building, job coaching, and…

Practice What We Coach

By Dana Zavatkay | November 2, 2023

Introduction Three weeks ago, I ran the Chicago marathon. Goal reached, but not just the end goal of finishing! There were incremental goals along the way. Five months ago, I contemplated IF I would do this marathon and IF I could do this marathon when I came across this sign on the #atlantabeltline. I realized…

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