Finding Your True North: How Values Act As The Compass For A Fulfilling Life

In the ever-shifting tides of trends and the noise of competing voices, there lies an anchor that grounds us: our values. Values act as the guiding stars in our personal universes, shaping our choices, determining our actions, and ultimately defining who we are. Furthermore, values represent the fundamental beliefs that drive our motivations, the ideals we strive towards, and the principles that lend meaning and purpose to life. The importance of values shaping humanity cannot be overstated; they are the very blueprints upon which we build our societies, our relationships, and our own individual journeys.

WHY are you?

In our previous blogpost, we asked the very important question, WHO are you? We explored the importance of discovering the core of who a person is and the challenges Neurodivergent individuals face with external definitions. Values offer us a different perspective and ask us a different question, WHY are you?

Values In Context

Let’s examine values through the five Life Dimensions listed in The RoadMap Lab™.

Integrity, Purpose, Authenticity

When we look at values as they exist within us, as in the Self Life Dimension, we see values that help us make decisions and that are aligned with our authentic self, fostering a greater sense of fulfillment and personal integrity.

Critical Thinking, Curiosity, Open-Mindedness

Educational values shape the goals and priorities of learning environments. They emphasize qualities like critical thinking, curiosity, respect for diverse perspectives, and a lifelong love of learning.


Love, Communication, Organization

Life inside the home and with a family or home unit is rooted in values that provide a foundation for relationships and routine that shape how members interact with and support one another. These values often emphasize mutual feelings and systematic dynamics that make a house a home.


Collaboration, Respect, Accountability

Values in the workplace define the desired culture and behaviors within an organization. They often emphasize qualities like collaboration, accountability, innovation, and respect for all individuals.

Inclusivity, Cooperation, Responsibility

Community values are often the most complex. They represent the shared ideals and principals that bind a group together instead of individual values. They often focus on things like inclusivity, cooperation, civic responsibility, and commitment to the well-being of all members.


How Values Connect “You” to Your Journey

At Parallel, we focus on humanity first, and an intrinsic component of our humanity is not only WHO we are but WHY we are, and values are the response to the “why”. The journey to who and why we are utilizes values as a personal compass, guiding our choices and actions towards what truly matters. By living in alignment with our values, we discover a deep sense of purpose and create a life that feels meaningful and fulfilling.


Your Journey with Parallel

If you feel like you or your loved one is having a hard time integrating a personal value system with the journey towards adulthood, we understand. Often times, this very important part of our authentic self is not considered with traditional transition planning. Rest assured that at Parallel, your core values will serve as the north star. We’ll use it to work together to create the vision for a future of dignity, purpose, and meaning.


What’s Next?

Now that we’ve defined who is taking the journey and why they are, we’ll set our sights on where we’re going. We call this The Destination. If you have The RoadMap Lab™, this is Step Three. If not, don’t worry, you can download a copy on Amazon or order the complete workbook and plan along with us.


Take The Next Step On Your Journey With Parallel

The journey to the future starts here, and we’re excited to be a part of it, wherever you’re going. If you’re a parent ready to help your child take the next step, we would love to hear from you. Our passion is to create personal, human-centered, customized transition plans, one individual at a time. Together, let’s craft a future your child will love.


Parallel International Consulting is an expert Neurodiversity consulting group that works to create strategic plans for the future for invested families seeking to transition their Neurodivergent child to an adulthood of independence, purpose, and dignity. We are based in the United States and work with individuals all over the world. To find out more about how you can start the journey with us, visit, purchase The RoadMap Lab, or email us at

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