Love Your Journey

The last several weeks, we have been touching on the facets of our transition planning process described in our book, The RoadMap Lab™. We have talked about why focusing on work alone isn’t enough. We have discussed why planning for a whole future is important and the many reasons you may need a plan with a new perspective.

Not Just a Plan, A Journey

From here, we’d like to take you on a journey towards the future. One that considers our philosophies and core values. An approach to planning for an adulthood of dignity, purpose, and belonging. We want you to feel confident. With the right plan and a carefully architected support system, the future is not something to be feared, rather, it is something to look forward to.

Most importantly, we want you to love your journey.

Embracing Change

The last decade has catapulted the idea of inclusion into the spotlight. The choices for education, employment, community, and living are exciting! In short, secondary education options, careers, and meaningful ways to be a part of community life are now a reality. Success and opportunity are within your reach if you plan early, intentionally, and surround yourself with the right team of people who see your dreams as their dreams.

Start Now, Build Experience

The first questions we get from potential clients is, when should I start thinking about the future? While everyone is different, we like to suggest around age 14. This is the end of the Middle School years and the beginning of High School. This allows the entire team enough time to be intentional about how the adolescent years are used to build critical life skills. It’s also a prime time to experience new things with the safety net of parents, caregivers, and a familiar support team. We call this “Experience and Exposure”.

What’s Next?

Through the lens of our Five Life Dimensions, we’ll begin with understanding the most important member of the team: The Traveler. This is the person you are planning for. If you have The RoadMap Lab™, this is Step One. If not, don’t worry, you can download a copy on Amazon or order one so you can plan along with us.

Take The Next Step On Your Journey With Parallel

Loving your journey starts here, and we’re excited to be a part of it, wherever you’re going. If you’re a parent ready to help your child take the next step, we would love to hear from you. Our passion is to create personal, human-centered, customized transition plans, one individual at a time. Together, let’s craft a future your child will love.

Parallel International Consulting is an expert Neurodiversity consulting group that works to create strategic plans for the future for invested families seeking to transition their Neurodivergent child to an adulthood of independence, purpose, and dignity. We are based in the United States and work with individuals all over the world. To find out more about how you can start the journey with us, visit, purchase The RoadMap Lab, or email us at

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