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Three weeks ago, I ran the Chicago marathon. Goal reached, but not just the end goal of finishing! There were incremental goals along the way. Five months ago, I contemplated IF I would do this marathon and IF I could do this marathon when I came across this sign on the #atlantabeltline. I realized the questions I needed to ask myself were: “What do I need to do to get from where I am now to where I need to be on October 8?” We advise Neurodiverse individuals and their families planning for the future life to start with these 2 very important steps: Determine where you are going (The Destination) and Gain an honest understanding of where this journey is starting from.

Setting Incremental Goals

Parallel clients often come to us with firm ideas for what the future Destination is yet often struggle to attain the goals for a successful transition to a fulfilling adulthood for a few reasons:

  • Focusing only on the Destinations and goals without considering Destinations across all life dimensions that are all intertwined. It is not enough to just have a post-secondary education goal without also considering goals for living, community involvement, and self-care.
  • They do not take an honest look at where they are launching from across all life dimensions. Neurodiverse teens young adults cannot transition to an adult life of purpose and happiness if the focus is only on job skills needed for a specific job task. It is important to consider living, belonging, and self-care (not only independent living skills).

The Power of Asking Questions

I couldn’t have completed training or completed the marathon HAPPILY without whole life modifications and building along the whole way. I printed out the training plan for running. That could not be my only focus. I had to re-arrange and routines for work and home life. I got my diet and sleep into a better rhythm. I made plans to ensure I remained engaged with family and friends and my non-running communities. I met the goals I set. I FINISHED THE MARATHON on October 8, 2023 with a smile on my face! And, along the way I established better habits and routines, both in and out of running, that will help me reach the next goals, whatever that may be.

Looking Ahead

Where is the next journey for you or your Neurodiverse child/teen/young adult headed? Looking forward to the destinations you’d like to reach, what aspects of life have you not considered that would assist in your journey?

Call to Action

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